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About us
About us
A research oriented lab dedicated for supporting the medical fraternity and patients suffering from all types of autoimmune ailments.
To provide accurate , precise and timely diagnostic analysis and prognostic information to clinicians and patients and thereby help and support the community from the adverse effect of autoimmune and associated ailments.
To be a premier, complete , innovative autoimmune diagnostics provider across the globe.

Core Values

Customer Focus

Customer focus

  • Delivering customer satisfaction by listening to and exceeding customer expectations
  • Adding value for our customers through our services
  • Seeking innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals
Team Spirit

Competence and Team Spirit

  • Employing a team of talented and competent staff
  • Investing in training and creating good career opportunities
  • Recognizing and encouraging outstanding performance


  • Delivering quality in all our work; providing accurate results on time
  • Using the best appropriate technology and methods
  • Seeking to improve or change our processes for the better


  • Behaving ethically in all our business and financial activities
  • Demonstrating respect towards our customers and our staff
  • Operating responsible environmental policies

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