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Autoantibodies Against Double-stranded DNA (dsDNA)

Crithidia luciliae (anti-dsDNA)

Crithidia luciliae: antibodies against dsDNA

  • Detection of antibodies against dsDNA.
  • Indication: systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Animal-pathogenic haemoflagellates of Crithidia luciliae are used for the detection of autoantibodies against double-stranded, native DNA (dsDNA, nDNA) with indirect immunofluorescence. These protozoa possess a giant mitochondrion containing dsDNA (kinetoplast) that, in general, does not show any of the other antigens present in the cell nuclei. Antibodies reacting with the kinetoplast are therefore only directed against dsDNA.
  • Alongside the conventional CLIFT, which shows a particularly high disease specificity, IMMUCARE uses Crithidia luciliae sensitive IFT (order no. FA 1572-1), which is comparable in sensitivity to the Anti-dsDNA-NcX ELISA and the Farr assay. However, despite comparable sensitivities, the assays identify different patients. To increase the serological hit rate different test systems are often combined.

Technical info and Images credit to EUROIMMUN AG