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Autoantibodies against mitochondria (AMA)

Kidney and M2 antigen

Kidney and M2 BIOCHIP: antibodies against mitochondria, type AMA M2

  • Screening test for the detection of antibodies against mitochondria (AMA) including simultaneous confirmation of the subtype AMA M2.
  • Indication: primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC).
  • Rat kidney is the standard substrate for detecting anti-mitochondrial antibodies. Nine AMA types (M1 to M9) can be differentiated.
  • The BIOCHIP coated with M2 permits monospecific confirmation of antibodies against the native pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the recombinant M2 fusion protein (BPO) in one single test procedure, thus a PBC can be diagnosed serologically with confidence.

Technical info and Images credit to EUROIMMUN AG