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Autoantibodies Against glomerular basement membrane (GBM)

Kidney And GBM Antigen

Primate kidney and GBM BIOCHIP: antibodies against glomerular basement membrane

  • Indications: Goodpasture's syndrome, glomerulonephritis.
  • These autoantibodies can be directed against the alveolar basement membrane as well as against the glomerular basement membrane. Antibodies against the alveolar basement membrane are detected using frozen sections of primate lung (order number FA 1271-1).
  • Positive test results can be confirmed in the same test run using specific GBM BIOCHIPs which are coated with recombinant GBM antigen.



  • Indication: Goodpasture's syndrome.
  • The clinical disease course correlates with the antibody concentration. High titers of circulating antibodies indicate an unfavourable prognosis.

MPO/PR3/GBM Profile

MPO/PR3/GBM Profile

  • Determination of autoantibodies against antigens of neutrophil granulocytes and the glomerular basement membrane for the serological diagnosis of Wegener's granulomatosis, microscopic polyangiitis, rapid progressive glomerulonephritis, Goodpasture syndrome and other forms of vasculitis.
  • Membrane chips printed with individual lines of purified and biochemically characterised antigens. Each antigen is coated onto a separate membrance chip, providing optimal efficiency of antibody detection for each protein.
  • This Profile allows the determination of 3 autoantibodies: antibodies against MPO, PR3 and GBM.

Technical info and Images credit to EUROIMMUN AG